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founder/managing attorney, teil firms

Demitrus Evans


From relocating to Chicago to work with Amnesty International in 1995, to opening her own practice in 2008, Demitrus has represented Civil & Business clients large and small for over 20 years. She practiced in Federal, State and Appellate court, in both civil and criminal matters. Her business expertise includes the careful review, and rewriting of business contracts, filing of trademarks, and real estate acquisition, as well as formation of for-profit and non-for profit Corporations.  Her work includes board training and management training both nationally and internationally; business development and strategic legal planning for distributors and transporters seeking to relocate.

In her two decades, Attorney Evans has developed time-tested innovative legal strategies to prevent litigation and manage legal risks to allow your company to focus on its bottom line, and continues to implement new structures to rethink the way we do business. She brings a tremendous amount of integrity, dedication, and nuanced perspective that makes their firm the holistic solution for creative clients.Staying ahead of the law’s frequent changes is her sixth sense.


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