Alfreda Johnson

Fighter with Honesty, Integrity and Diligence

After being in my home for only 19 months 2 huge corporations receiving $M(s)/yr in government funding pledged to make my home more energy efficient and have turned my newly acquired efficient home into an ongoing fixer upper nightmare. After being lied to repeatedly by these corporations about repairs to the awful damages incurred by them; I sought legal counsel from Attorney Demitrus Evans in January 2015 and during our initial interview I had no doubt that her representation was exactly what I had been looking for. I am confident because of her in-depth knowledge and charismatic delivery as she presents my case, guilelessly and with complete empathy. She enters the courtroom with a clear view of the dynamics of client cases. She and her team are awesome fighters; and, they believe wholeheartedly that their clients deserve ultimate representation and respect. I am not looking forward to another legal battle after this; but, if I should have one, Attorney Evans will be the first number I will call. Hoorah for you Attorney Evans. I hope that, in victory you rejoice always throughout your career. Thank you for believing in me and never wavering.