Many times when criminal cases are political in nature or have gone unsolved for a great amount of time, the police and prosecutors will seek to do justice and arrest individuals based on faulty eyewitnesses and/or other evidence. When this happens, a person who is not guilty may wind up being arrested, prosecuted or even incarcerated, for crimes they never committed.

99% of the time they will fight the justice system to have their voices heard.

They will ask for tests and evidence to prove that they were "not at the scene of the crime," "don't fit the description," or that "their DNA does not match.  When they are not heard because they do not have resources or do not know how to navigate legal waters, TEEP will be there to help!



Advancing Career and Education Program(ACE)

The ACE partnership Program, with Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) is designed to help International students gain U.S working experience by providing intern positions and mentorships.  At TEIL we offer various projects that fit student's skill level and allow them to learn as they practice business.

TEIL has partnered with the ACE Program for 4 years, giving more than 30 students the opportunity to practice business knowledge in Marketing and Finance as they relate to legal services and as the students build their communication skills and gain an understanding of what it means to have a socially responsible business from a global perspective.

Teen-Train Organization

The Teen-Train Organization is a mentorship program that holds conferences such as L.E.A.D. and S.T.A.R.S to provide practical strategies that young people can use in their daily professional lives.

The curriculum covers topics ranging from STEM robotic programming, resume writing, character building, business etiquette, and even how to fill out a college application. Our mission is to expose urban and suburban youth to effective career and college preparation, planning, and implementation strategies.