What does an International Law Firm do?


Recently I have encountered several people who have communicated with me regarding their definitions of what International Business is. In this article I discuss what international business is, from my perspective, how international business laws are applicable and what we at TEIL Firms do and how we help international businesses with those legal issues.

International Business can be many things to different people, but mainly it is businesses and or individuals engaging in commerce across country lines. Commerce can be and normally is products and serves, but the products are now more than any time in history crossing without specific and or know contractual agreements. For example, in the pass many international businesses communicated through fax and then email regarding agreements, now.

International Business Law then are the rules and regulations that govern these transactions. In this area we discuss not only treaties of the two or more nations and their connection with each other, but how the nations citizens will deal with each other. Many times that is contractual between the parties and sometimes it involves laws of the nation and immigration.

Here are some categories of cases that fall under international business law and whose cases may be handled by The TEIL Firms :

1. An international client or corporation that seeks to do business in the U.S.

2. A client or corporation in the U.S. seeking to expand business in another country.

3. Clients that are from and do business in other countries.


One of the  important parts of being an international firm is having employees who are international either by nationality , study or actually in the location where the firm does business.

At TEIL Firms we collectively speak French, Cantonese, Spanish, and Mandarin. Our of counsel lawyers handle an array of cases in different states and nation  that allow us to take the case under our umbrella and assist businesses  in the United States.