TEIL Firms has more than 18 years of experience, understanding and skill working with small & medium sized businesses. We offer a wide range of business services that can not only protect your business but can also help you plan for your company's future. We start with a full assessment of your company’s structure and or considerations for your exit strategy, review your management, contractual agreements, compliance and risk documents as well as your trademark and services marks. After a thorough examination we work with you to make sure you are protected so you can focus on the work.
Don’t think that only big firms need Intellectual Property protection. As long as you think your business is promising, you can be assured that someone is watching to copy what you do. Profitable businesses have to keep an eye on the intellectual property and ideas that represent it in commerce. For instance we make sure that your logo, brand, slogans, colors and/or sounds are registered and protected. Once your are under protection, we can fight for you if you meet any infringement that put you into an unfair situation. What makes us different is that we know how small firms work and want to make sure you are successful.
We like to be seen as international connectors. We have connections in multiple areas in the world and different segments. Our connections will be utilized to help your business quickly understand the market, culture and laws of the nations that you enter. Those resource are ready for you in Mainland China, Hong kong, Nigeria, Mexico and Australia. TEIL is U.S. based, but keeps up to date on our research on the rest of the world, their markets and regulations. Our legal professionals have no problem getting on a plane to understand the logistics, culture and management in a country, this “extra step to help you succeed in the global market” is what sets us apart. It’s where “Excellence Matters.”
“Demitrus provides outstanding service and demonstrates a superior knowledge when it comes to legal matters. She is diligent, honest, and has a wealth of expertise. She has helped us file multiple trademark patents. We will gladly continue to use her and recommend her to others.”
— David

“I want you to know that I received my corporate books and I’ve completed my business plan. It’s so nice to know that I have the correct legal structure, and I’m thankful to my TEIL family for the work and encouragement.”
— DeVanté Hill

“I love coming into your office, but I gotta tell you, we thought more about your tagline “Where excellence Matters”, and we like it but; we really think your tagline should be “Trust TEIL”.”
— Diameter Q
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