International Business Formation

We have a network of business consultants in Mainland China and Hong Kong, Australia and Mexico who can help you form a business entity according to local laws. Our sophisticated approach and global experience can help you set up virtual offices in other nations to increase your international presence and influence.


International Business Expansion and Management

It’s crucial to get familiar with International Law and Import Export regulation of other nations before you move global! TEIL can put you ahead other competitors by providing our insights about International Trade regulation. With a wide range of talents and partners we have, we will take payment, logistic, marketing, contracts and culture stuffs into consideration when help your business go global.  


International Trademark

As an extension on our Trademark Division, TEIL can move forward to help you build your global recognition through marketing. To successfully assist you we will help you register a competitive trademark in other nation or internationally. First we will conduct a competitor research on your target market, determine if your business identity is available to register and if it’s attractive to the culture there and eventually file a legal Trademark License in that country or throughout the world.