International Business Formation

For Foreign individuals and corporation entering into the US for business can be daunting. This is expecially the case if some of the empoyees will need visas. Don't worry, TEIL firms will make the process, if not easy, atleast understandable and definately doable.

We will begin with a consultation where we will review your entire plan and put our team to work to research the best strategy. Our clients have been from China, Africa, Italy and the US. We help them to determine the best legal structure for their venture and then we file all of the paperwork and act as an agent if required. If the client is from the US and moving outbound we work with our network of business consultants and land lawyers worldwide to for the company and handle any problems which may arise. We aim to have local counsel which knows and understands local laws and customs while TEIL Firms negotiates and writes the contracts to protect the client.  When necessary, a TEIL Firms associate will travel globally to negotiate on behalf of the client. With the rise of e-commerce, we help our e-business clients to determine the best structures and if they need a virtual office in other nations to increase your international presence and influence. we assist.


International Business Expansion and Management

It’s crucial to get familiar with International Law and Import/Export regulation of other nations before you move global! TEIL will do this for you so that you can concentrate on your product or service. TEIL Firms will do all of the research for your trade regulations to keep you and your company legally sound.  We also use our partnerships to create a  great experience with logistics and marketing in a new country.

International Trademark

As an extension on our Trademark Division, TEIL enjoy's assisting our clients to get them registered globally. International Registration helps to build global recognition through marketing, but also protects our clients from infringement on marks that they have worked hard to maintain. To successfully assist we many times have to consider licensing . However, our first defense is to conduct a full and complete competitor research on your target market, determine if your business identity is available to register and if it’s attractive to the culture there and if all of that is a go, then we will file for registration of the legal Trademark , copyright,  or service mark in that country or throughout the world.