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We are now hiring for a part-time administrative assistant, associate lawyer, marketing professional and a paralegal.

Administrative Assistant: Are you that person? Are you organized and love customer service, invoicing and hiring? Are you able to lend a hand and make suggestions when you know because you are confident and secure understand legal concepts, word, excel, powerpoint and quickbooks and enjoy a fast-paced work environment? You may be the person to fill this positions at this time. Please submit your resume for  consideration below.

Legal Assistant/Paralegal: Are you a certified paralegal who loves business law, enjoys litigation, locating experts and going to court because you are organized and have a great communication ability with people? You may be who we are looking for. Apply below.

Marketing Professional: Are you a person who has an eye for business style? Do you enjoy reviewing website content and making suggestions , sending out newletters and updating client on what matters to them? Can you put up a display and talk to people about a company as if you have worked there since its inception? Are you totally in command of social media, constantly learning more about trends and ready to go? Apply below.

Lawyer: Are you an educated lawyer, who needs the ability to have your ideas taken seriously? Are you willing to work and commit to make sure clients are successful, but still want a balanced life and a healthy work environment? Do you want a salary that allows you to live your lifestyle, but willing to do your share of talking to potential clients to determine if you really can help them rather than focusing on pay day and bring them in as clients? Are you ready to grow globally with a firm, to learn as much as you share your ideas to the table and work with a group of professional serious, but fun firm? Apply below



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