TEIL Congratulates Great Women in Business


During the 2015 International Women's Month, TEIL brings you great business leaders from around the world, women at the top of their game.

Before we introducing great women in business to you, we want to introduce Women's International History Month with some Laws about women. I am proud to talk about the issue of Voting in America which could not have been accomplished with out women.

In the United States the original constitution did not define who was able to vote, the state made their own laws. Some states made the decisions based on who owned property. This left out Africans and most women. If that property hurdle was overcome the next one was a poll tax and literacy test. In the United States it was not until 1920, there are still restriction as to the voting and citizenships of Native Americans who, through treaties, were restricted to their own land for tribal use, although this land was gradually diminished by the Indian Removal policies. These groups combines with poor whites lead the nation in an effort to have vetoing access. Susan B Anthony is greatly associated with this movement. In recent times there has been backlash with voting for African Americans who in the Bush presidential elections were turned away from polls if they did not have 2 forms of ID. American citizens in Porto Rico are disenfranchised and are unable to vote, though other citizens are able to vote. This is a violation of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. The US however has determined that although it has ratified the treaty, which guarantees freedom of speech, Assembly and electoral rights, that the treaty is not self executing. As of April 2014 the treaty had 74 nations as signatories.

esides disenfranchisement of some citizens there are still issues in voting in regards access to polls by handicapped  and non English speaking citizen. Nevertheless the basic rights for voting could not have been established in the United States without great women who took up the cause.

 TEIL Congratulates Great Women in Business

In the coming weeks, TEIL Firms will send out emails featuring great women business entrepreneurs.