Salute to Black History---Dr. Ben Carson

Benjamin Solomon "Ben" Carson, Sr. is an American author, and retired neurosurgeon. . He is the first surgeon to successfully separate conjoined twins joined at the head.  In 2008 he was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom. After delivering a widely publicized speech at the 2013 National Prayer Breakfast, he became a popular conservative figure in political media , and is actively considering declaring his candidacy as a Republican for the 2016 Presidential Election. He openly pointed out the flaws in Obama Health Care Act.

Carson was a professor of neurosurgery, oncology, plastic surgery, and pediatrics. At age 33, he became the youngest major division director in Johns Hopkins history. Carson is the first surgeon to successfully separate conjoined twins, the Binder twins, who had been joined at the back of the head in 1987. Carson led the 70-member surgical team to work for 22 hours to separate the twins and both survived.

He was also a co-director of the Johns Hopkins Craniofacial Center. In addition to his responsibilities at Johns Hopkins, he has served on the boards of the Kellogg Company , Costco and the Academy of Achievement. He is an emeritus fellow of the Yale Corporation.

Carson has written six bestselling  books: Gifted Hands, Think Big, The Big Picture, Take the Risk, America the Beautiful, and One Nation.


In 2008 the White House awarded Carson the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the nation’s highest civilian honor. In 2010, he was elected into the National Academy of Sciences Institute of Medicine. Carson has been awarded 38 honorary doctorate degrees and dozens of national merit citations. In 2014, Carson ranked 6th on Gallup's list of the most admired men in the world.