12 Jurors Deciding

“Can I sue for this?”  To give a legal opinion on your case TEIL requires all of the evidence involved in the breach, negligence or wrong doing from all perspectives.

As a litigious society, cases can brought and are brought for various reasons. We have been asked to bring lawsuits simply on principle, but the majority of the cases involve a request for monetary damages.   

TEIL carefully reviews and evaluates your potential claim for likelihood of success as well as weakness. We act as if we are at the end. We ask, if this evidence came in, what will 12 people on a jury decide? How can we have them view it in a light more favorable to our side? 12 people, from various walks of life must be persuaded 100 percent after deliberation. We ask and answer the questions that they will ask in order to all agree.

How do we do that? We will assemble a mock jury from a sampling of the community in the jurisdiction, review jurors in the same location or research what other jurors have done in other cases. We have found that one to two people will emerge on juries as leaders, normally the foreperson. If a larger segment of the jury agrees then all tend to follow. Jurors being away from work and family for over a day identify with the group they are in. 

We do believe that jurors attempt to “do the right thing,” but we also know that rules like “no media during this case” from the judge are not  always followed and outside influences have an impact on what jurors will decide.  Factors such as voter registration, location and segmentation of the population weigh heavily on jury selection as well as jurors trying to "get out of service."

TEIL would be happy to evaluate a case or offer a legal consultation after researching the issue. We further urge you to sit for jury duty if called. We need people with open minds.

Have a safe and prosperous Holiday Season…with 12 Drummers drumming.