International business necessitates that the parties will most certainly be deciding what language to communicate in. In many states (read countries) the business language is English, but certainly not all. Some contracts may even necessitate tithe they are translated into more than one language.


Know that when money is sent via wire transactions the decimal places sometimes change, phrases which are common in one language do not translate very well into other languages and business practices which may work in one country just will not correlate in another.

Communication, both oral and written, should be checked as many times as possible, especially to consider cultural differences.


Also remember that communication is not just oral and written, but may be in the physical things that you do. You could completely blow a deal if you automatically put a business card away without looking at it in some cultures. In others it may be impolite to discuss business before a light meal.

And speaking of food, the French hens are known to be the best there is for taste. When doing business the cuisine that you order or the way you fold your napkin may speak volumes about how  will do business than you realize. Do your research and understand not only your products and the business, but the culture as well.


Have a wonderful, safe and joyous holiday season…and Three French Hens