Trademark Time

Once your business is up and running,  make sure that your  brand is protected from another company's use of your brand by filing a Trademark application with the United States Patent and trademark Office  ("USPTO"). Once the application is granted, the filing will not only allow you to legally use the R with the circle around it, but will set you apart from competitors allowing you to legitimately send a cease and desist letter if anyone tries to use the mark without your permission and to obtain damages if you have to file a law suit against them.

Along with protection, registered trademarks add value to your brand and bottom line of your business. Since so many are visual learners, a distinguishable logo will help your customers and clients. to see that your company is one of a kind and well....special!  

To be special, however, the USPTO does not automatically grant the application. It is looking for proof that the logo or mark being registered is actually and not just theoretically being used in  commercial transactions and commerce. So offering as much proof as possible which show the searched terms in commerce is important. Some proof includes your use of the mark on cards, websites, letterhead, etc. 

Although the trademark will be good for 8 years after registration, you could be in jeopardy of loosing it if you abandon it through non use. The USPTO does not want to refrain from allowing someone actually use the mark if you do not. If you have goods and or services going internationally you may need an international trademark and that registration is completed only after being registered with the USPTO, but through the same organization. 

We at TEIL Firms wish you a safe and joyous Holiday Season with 8 ladies dancing and merry hearts filled with laughter.