Call Your Business

TEIL is proud of the start up companies we helped to structure in 2014.  We were frequently asked by these start ups: What is the best way to build your client base?  We think its by doing good work and understanding your clients. When you do  good work the clients you serve will refer to you or use your services again. The way you find out how you are doing is  by calling  and asking your clients.


We call present and past clients and find out what we are doing correct and what we could improve upon. We like to ask what is the most memorable thinking about our services, would you recommend us, why or why not. The call does not have to be made by the owner. We have asked friends to call and obtain answers to a survey and in the process have learned so much more than what we asked.  When you strive for excellence, feed back on how you are doing is crucial. We have revamped some policies based on the survey.


Besides the Survey feedback, calling clients is a way to  to keep in touch with your clients. Learn what is relevant to the client and stay aware of what is happening in their industry. There may be things you want to change.


Calling, not texting or emailing, means you took time and put some thought and effort into understanding the other person or business, always a good thing for business relationships . The holiday season is a great reason to start dialing and actually spread some holiday cheer as well as increase sales.


Have a wonderful, safe and joyous holiday season…and Four Calling Birds!